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From eyelash mites to friendly viruses: The 'aliens' inside us all (but don't…

It may look like an extraterrestrial Moon landing, but in fact the image shows viruses called phages attacking bacteria – something that happens regularly inside all of our bodies.
Patricia Conlon
Patricia Conlon • 2 years ago

Virus phages attacking bacteria.

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T2 bacteriophage virus (seen in orange) attacking an Escherichia coli bacterium. Each phage consists of a large, DNA-containing head and a tail composed of a tube-like central sheath with several fibers.

Flying Over the Earth at Night Video Credit: Gateway to Astronaut Photography, NASA ; Compilation: David Peterson (YouTube); Music: Freedom Fighters (Two Steps from Hell)

The Voyager 1, built by Nasa and launched in 1977 has spent the last 35 years steadily increasing its distance from Earth, and is now now 17,970,000,000km - or 11,100,000,000miles - away, travelling at 10km a second.

Satellite: These images were taken by the Japanese-owned Hinode telescope which is constantly pointed at the sun

Bacteria on the Body of an aphid. Aphids excrete glucose-enriched liquids that seem to be a good breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria, as seen here.

(via saffroncrimson, mycology)

Pseudomonas syringae bacteria entering a plant leaf through a stoma. Image credit: James Kremer and Sheng Yang He.