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John Green near Bluff Creek, CA... looking at large footprints in 1967. Bigfoot was here!

what: tour Cascade Mountains in hope of seeing Bigfoot

Bigfoot Collection The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum in Willow Creek has one of the largest collections of Bigfoot artifacts in the Pacific North West. This area of the Klamath mountains has the most recorded sightings and evidence of this elusive creature, myth to some - very real to others! The mystery has yet to be solved.

The Almas, Mongolian for "wild man", is a purported hominid cryptozoological species reputed to inhabit the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of southern Mongolia. The creature is not currently recognized or cataloged by science. This is an artist's rendering. ~ Wikipedia

The almas are elusive and savage man-beasts that dwell into the mountain ranges of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Their description somewhat resembles prehistoric man, given their short stature, powerful muscles, hairy bodies and lack of ability to speak. Accounts of the almas go back for hundreds of years, and the natives consider them to be a natural part of their environment.In 1925, a Red Army cavalry regiment led by general Mikhail Stephanovitch Topilski came across a cave. After the troops ...

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    DNA testing on the remains of Zana and her son's skeletons revealed their true ancestry. They were not archaic but of modern African decient; Homo sapiens.

The skull of this sasquatch or bigfoot creature was discovered in the Rocky Mountains.

Is this Sasquatch caught on camera in Canadian mountains? Tantalus Range, British Columbia, north of Vancouver. Whatever it is, it has covered a vast amount of area in a short time with weather conditions against him. Bigfoot

Bigfoot At Bluff Creek Mysterious Encounters, Autumn Williams : Video 22:36 min 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin Film. Mr. Gimlin is interviewed on site in CA.

Photographer Roger Patterson compares his foot with cast in Los Angeles on Nov. 3, 1967 he says he made of California's Legendary "Bigfoot"monster after tracking it in forest country near Eureka, CA.