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Jessica Ligon Reed
Jessica Ligon Reed • 2 years ago

September 2011 ~ Henrietta Lacks was a tobacco worker and mother of five children. In 1950 she noticed a lump on her belly. It was cancerous and was treated at John Hopkins University Hospital. Parts of her healthy and cancerous cervix was cut off, without her permission. After Lacks death, her cells did not die and were multiplying. These cells were used to cure polio, cancer, AIDS, and other related medical research.

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This woman does not look like one to be trifled with. We don't know her name, but she was a Police Matron in the 1880s, in charge of the women's portion of the jail.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (May 10, 1900 – December 7, 1979) was an English-American astronomer who in 1925 was first to show that the Sun is mainly composed of hydrogen, contradicting accepted wisdom at the time.

LaWanda Page - b. October 19, 1920 American actress and comedienne. Also better known as Aunt Esther of Sanford and Son, sucka!

Graffiti in a cell in the Tower of London

Clara Lemlich led the Uprising of N.Y. garment workers. "I am a working girl, one of those striking against intolerable conditions," she told the crowd. "And I have no further patience for talk." 700 of the women she led on the strike were arrested, 19 were sentenced to labor camps. The next year a fire in her workplace, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, killed 146 workers: steel doors had been bolted shut to prevent workers from going on breaks. She lived to be 96.

Jonas Edward Salk (October 28, 1914 – June 23, 1995)---- American medical researcher and virologist, best known for his discovery and development of the first safe and effective polio vaccine.

Miep Gies, tiny, white-haired, gentle and courageous, is an unfamiliar name to most people, but without this remarkable woman, there would be no The Diary of Anne Frank.  During the Nazi occupation of Holland the Austrian-born Dutch woman risked her life daily to hide Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis.

William T. Anderson (1840 – October 26, 1864), better known as Bloody Bill, was one of the deadliest and most brutal pro-Confederate guerrilla leaders in the American Civil War. Anderson led a band that targeted Union loyalists and Federal soldiers in Missouri and Kansas.

Now known as "the Bäckaskog Woman", this Stone Age hunter and fisher was buried in Kiaby, Skåne at the age of 45. The funeral took place in springtime, when birch and hazel were in bloom. The Bäckaskog woman is the oldest and most famous skeleton found in Sweden. In her grave, a spear head was found, suitable for hunting and fishing, made of bone and sharp flint blades. Because of the grave goods archaeologists first thought she was a man, and she was known as "the Fisherman" for many year...

Betrayed by the husband of the woman hiding her, she was murdered along with her little sister Leana in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Little Gregory Hines, His Brother Maurice Hines and Dizzy Gillespie - Jet Magazine October 7, 1954 by vieilles_annonces, via Flickr