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"Compared to a similar model run by HealthSpot, USA, the service fee for similar service is estimated between $18 to $24 per consultation; however, the India model has started with a fee as low as 30 rupees ($0.50) per consultation." - Reenita Das, Forbes

"Sponsored by State Representative Lynn R. Wachtmann, the event brings together healthcare and industry experts to identify the barriers to telehealth adoption, discuss relevant regulations and rules, and demonstrate how solutions like the HealthSpot Station(TM), developed by Ohio company HealthSpot, increase access to care and provide high quality visits with board-certified health professionals, while decreasing overall costs." - The Wall Street Journal #HealthSpot #telemedicine

"Walk-in kiosks for retail settings are coming and promise to deliver healthcare on the spot via telemedicine. HealthSpot is part of a wave of upcoming small, walk-in telemedicine kiosk designed to deliver access to high-quality healthcare in retail stores and other non-traditional settings." - Innovation Excellence #HealthSpot #telemedicine

"The HealthSpot platform demonstrates a perfect example of the use of technology to change the human experience; specifically, telepresence is making a tremendous improvement to the experience of healthcare." - The Architectologist #HealthSpot #telemedicine

"The HealthSpot Station is meant for those times where you need to see a doctor, but a doctor is unable to see you. During a visit to a HealthSpot station, you’ll have all the same vitals measured that you would at a doctor’s office, followed by a remote consultation with a live physician who gets to see the results." - Scott Jung, MedGadget #HealthSpot #telemedicine

"Telepresence physicians have been predicted since Hugo Gernsback foresaw the “radio doctor” in the 1920s. HealthSpot of Dublin, Ohio takes this idea a step further with its HealthSpot Station. It’s a telepresence kiosk that acts as an alternative to the traditional doctor’s office." - David Szondy, gizmag #HealthSpot #telemedicine

"Companies such as HealthSpot seek to change healthcare in the same way that ATMs revolutionized banking.The company has recently introduced the HealthSpot pod. This portable doctor’s office enables physicians to remotely examine patient symptoms and perform basic diagnostics and treatment-related tasks. Such technological innovations related to e-health are set to improve the delivery of care for patients, providers and doctors." - Kerry Doyle, Cisco:The Network #HealthSpot #telemedicine