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How To Eat Like The First Lady

As Michelle Obama continues her crusade for healthy eating, critics and supporters alike are eagerly watching her dining out habits to see if she practices what she preaches. That includes Politico, which epically broke down 25 meals eaten by the Fir...
Fake Michelle Obama
Fake Michelle Obama • 2 years ago

Yes little girl, this broccoli would taste better if it was covered in cheese.

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Dear media: This skirt is TALBOTS. Stop all that talk about K.Midd and her "high street" style. This skirt was only $110 freaking dollars and was ready-to-wear. Like from an actual store and potentially mass-produced in a sweatshop in Thailand. AMERICA, I'M JUST LIKE YOU!!!!1111111111

Arriving in Chicago with a casual traveling look with a $330 Rachel Roy Runway to Green Stencil Skirt.

Jackie Kennedy totally would have worn this.

not sure which would be better, this cheesecake, or Heaven.... love this website, great recipes!

Kitchen art print The secret ingredient... - cooking quote typographic print letterpress Kitchen wall decor A3 11 x 14. $21.00, via Etsy.