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This is by far your most fucked up idea ever

I love being your friend because your fucked up life is always a nice distraction so I don't think about my fucked up life.

Friends because we're all fucked up in our sick ways

I stop hanging out with you because you are too fucked up in the head without realising it.

Oh that about sums it ALL up! Fuck you buddy!

oh let me tell you.. my friends now would never give up on me. Catherine, Savannah, Adrianna and Sarah.. When something happened in april 2013 I went away for 9 months but guess what I am fucking back and don't give a fuck about the past.

I don't always stalk old friends on the internet, but when I do, I find some fucked up shit!

Doing this as I pin.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics OMFG I WOULD SOOOOO DO THAT IF I WON THE LOTTO! That's how I'd roll lol

hahaa You never take two trips. Ever.