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Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis ('The Lesser Key of Solomon')

Alchemical symbols on The Hand of Philosophy, from 1667. A salamander surrounded by flames can be seen on the palm.

Supernatural: The symbol on top of the rabbit's foot curse box (in Bad Day at Black Rock) is the 6th Pentacle of the Moon and described in the Key Of Solomon as " This is wonderfully good, and serveth excellently to excite and cause heavy rains, if it be engraved upon a plate of silver; and if it be placed under water, as long as it remaineth there, there will he rain. It should be engraved, drawn, or written in the day and hour of the Moon."

A rare combination of ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbols: the solar disc, related to the deity Vishnu; the trident of Shiva, representing the unity of past, present and future; and the eightfold lotus, alluding to Enlightenment and the Path.

She is the Goddess of the Hearth, the symbol of the house around which a new born child is carried before it is received into the family. Each city had a public hearth sacred to Hestia, where the fire was never allowed to go out. Of all the Olympians, she is the mildest, most upright and most charitable.