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Vintage photo of laughing man during an era when no one ever even smiled in photographs.

ca. 1890-1900, Reverend Eavens, a man with a hole in his chest. There are no details on what caused the hole.

The Pierced Man, a circus performer from the 1930s

The Elastic Man 1908 Felix Wehrle was known as the Elastic Man, and could stretch his skin excessively due to a condition he had called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He could stretch his skin on any part of his body, and also bend his fingers backwards and forwards. He performed at many Barnum & Baily shows (a famous American circus company of the time).

Photo Booth...

Elastic Skinned Lady 1889, Etta Lake could pull her skin out 6 inches from her facial cheek. Etta was with the King & Franklin Circus.

Israel Bressner, AKA "Slim the Shadow," of Baltimore, Maryland, was 7 feet tall and weighed 90 pounds. He was the skinniest man ever. He weighed the same weight for 16 years. He worked for Ringling Brothers.

Long skirted 1940s cheerleader outfits, girls, females, photo, black and white, history, cheerfull. Cute outfits!!