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Linda Winn
Linda Winn • 2 years ago

One pinner wrote: In spite of being shot eight times, Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. ordered his men to tie him to a tree so he could keep fighting, action for which he received the Medal of Honor. Red Cloud was the third of four Native Americans to be awarded the Medal of Honor in Korea.

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Medal of Honor recipient. Master Sergeant Woodrow Wilson Keeble (1917-1982) was a U.S. Army National Guard veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. He was a full-blooded member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, a Sioux Native American tribe.

Audie Murphy was awarded 33 U.S. decorations and medals, five medals from France, and one from Belgium.[1][5] He received every U.S. decoration for valor available to Army ground personnel at the time.[12] He earned the Silver Star twice in three days, two Bronze Star Medals, three Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Medal of Honor. - He would have saved a few bucks at Christmas time with all those decorations.

German commando Gunther Billing in US Army fatigues as US Army MPs tie his hands behind him before facing the firing squad. Billing was one of a group of German commandos who infiltrated US lines during the Battle of the Ardennes (Dec 1944) wearing US Army uniforms. Speaking fluent American English, the commandos proceeded to spread havoc and confusion in the rear. After their capture, most of them faced the firing squad.

Mary E. Walker..She was the only woman in military service who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for her duties during Civil War. She grew up with an abolitionist family and was born in Oswego, New York. She served as assistant surgeon in Cumberland Army in 1863. She was awarded the Medal of Honor on November 11, 1865.

Technical Sergeant Van Barfoot, one of the most significant Native American heroes of World War II, was awarded the Medal of Honor while in the field in Épinal, France, on September 28, 1944. He received this recognition for his actions on May 23, 1944, when he led his unit through enemy minefields near Carano, Italy, destroying several positions and capturing others. Born June 15, 1919 and died March 2, 2012. Hero!

Audie Leon Murphy was one of the most famous and decorated American combat soldiers of World War II. He served in the European Theater of Operations where he was awarded the Medal of Honor and several other decorations for combat heroism including combat decorations from France and Belgium. Murphy became a celebrated Hollywood actor after the war for over two decades, appearing in 44 films, mostly westerns. He also had some success as a country music composer.

Honoring Robert Lewis Howard who was a highly decorated United States Army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient of the Vietnam War. He was wounded 14 times over 54 months of combat, was awarded 8 Purple Hearts, 4 Bronze Stars, and was nominated for the Medal of Honor three separate times. He was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on February 22, 2010.

John Joseph Kelly (June 24, 1898-November 20, 1957) was a United States Marine who was awarded both the Army and Navy Medals of Honor[1] for his heroic actions on October 13, 1918 at the Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge, France during World War I. He was the last of the 19 two-time Medal of Honor recipients to have been alive.

General George Custer--Who, one day, didn't show up for muster.

African American soldier in Union uniform with a rifle and revolver posing in front of painted backdrop with American flag and artillery pieces (close up shot).

First Native American Woman Marine, Minnie Spotted Wolf

Walter Ehlers, Medal of Honor winner, died on February 20, 2014 at the age of 94. He was one of only 12 men to receive a medal for his bravery during the Normandy invasion - and he was the last.