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Kendall Buchan
Kendall Buchan • 2 years ago

Directing ain’t about drawing a neat little picture and showing it to the cameraman. I didn’t want to go to film school. I didn’t know what the point was. The fact is, you don’t know what directing is until the sun is setting and you’ve got to get five shots and you’re only going to get two. - David Fincher

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For me, cinema has the same fascination you feel during an eclipse and you see a close-up of the sun with protuberances shooting out that are thousands of times larger than our own planet down here. It is for this reason that I am loathe to address many of the points critics raise about my films, because when everything is explained it gets boring very quickly. It is always the mysterious and those things which do not fit perfectly into a story...that stick out and are memorable. - Werner Herzog

In cinema, I’m always fascinated by the fascination of high and low culture meeting. I’m very interested in the fact that you can have something which is structurally and philosophically quite sophisticated but it can also be really beautiful to look at...[W]e can all recognize how beautiful it is to see a film that has a good thought and a beautiful image that can come together. Basically, that fascinates me with filmmaking. - Joachim Trier

Explore the life and works of Akira Kurosawa with the Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive: The archive is an amazing digital collection of over twenty thousand pages of Kurosawa’s screenplays, photos, storyboards, drawings, notes, newspaper clippings, personal scribblings and other materials. Among the high quality scans you can find unfilmed screenplays, screenplay drafts that were later revised, production memos and notes, continuity drawings, and much much more.

Cinéastes de notre temps: Josef von Sternberg - From Silence Comes Another (D’Un Silence L’Autre). "My principal purpose is to abolish the space between the lens and the object I photograph." Film is all about drawing the audience into the visual storytelling, to make the viewer a part of the moving pictures. A must-see window into the world of film director Josef von Sternberg, there are many gems to be found here.

Read! World of Shorts, the Cannes 2013 issue. World of Shorts (WOSH), the magazine published by appears on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival. It focuses on the festival’s short film section with fantastic drawings, interesting interviews and insightful articles.

Finding Hitchcock / In this info­graphic the appear­ances were arranged as if they were a sin­gle scene from a movie. The draw­ings that are more for­ward, cor­re­sponds to the moments in which Hitch­cock appears in the fore­ground in the film, as well as the most back­ward draw­ings cor­re­sponds to the scenes that he is more hid­den in the frame.

Obviously, directing is different from writing a script. It’s quite different from drawing storyboards. It’s not possible to direct with words. One directs with living human beings. - Akira Kurosawa

A great overview of the history and art of editing.

Metteur en scène or director. The point is not to direct someone, but to direct oneself. - Robert Bresson

I never fall in love with anything. I really don’t, I am not joking. “Do the best you can, try to live it down,” that’s my motto. Just literally give it everything you got, and then know that it’s never going to turn out the way you want it to, and let it go, and hope that it doesn’t return. Because you want it to be better than it can ever turn out. - David Fincher

If you really want to communicate something, even if it’s just an emotion or an attitude, let alone an idea, the least effective and least enjoyable way is directly. It only goes in about an inch. But if you can get people to the point where they have to think a moment what it is you’re getting at, and then discover it, the thrill of discovery goes right through the heart. - Stanley Kubrick