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Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda, Princesa de Eboli - a member of the Spanish Aristocracy in the 16th century. Despite having lost one of her eyes in a fencing accident as a teen, she was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in all of Spain.

Isabel de France by Rodrigo de Villandandro

Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Eboli

Ana de Mendoza - lived in the 1500s, lost an eye at 14 in a mock fencing duel.

Queen Elisabeth de Valois (1546-1568), third wife of Felipe II Author: Pantoja de la Cruz, Juan. It is probably copy of original painting by Anguissola Sofonisba1606: Prado Museum

Isabel (Elizabeth) of Valois (b. 1546), daughter of Henri II of France and Catherine de Medici. Married Philip II of Spain as his third wife. Artist Juan Pantoja de la Cruz

Eugénie Hortense Auguste Napoléone, known as Eugénie de Beauharnais, princess of Leuchtenberg (1808 –1847) was a Franco-German princess, second daughter of Eugène de Beauharnais and Princess Augusta of Bavaria, and a member of the house of Beauharnais. In 1826 she married Constantine, Prince of Hohenzollern-Hechingen. Sister of Josephine of Sweden and Amelie of Brazil. Died childless of tuberculosis.

Isabella de Valois - Queen of Spain (detail).

Queen Isabella I, 1520, La colegiata de Santa María la Mayor, de Toro (Zamora). Atribuida a Gerard David (?). Anónimo flamenco (del Círculo de Jan Gossaert).

Detail of buckle and buttons of a pair of yellow breeches worn by Sebastián Martínez y Pérez (1747–1800), 1792, by Francisco de Goya.

"Ena with Irises" by de Laszlo 1913 - Princess Ena more formally known as Victoria Eugenie. The daughter of Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom and Henry of Battenburg, grand-daughter to Queen Victoria. She eventually became Queen of Spain.