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from Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe - the world's first temple?

Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, Turkey’s stunning Gobekli Tepe upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization.

"The massive European network of Stone Age tunnels that weaves from Scotland to Turkey "Evidence of Stone Age tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe - the fact that so many have survived after 12,000 years shows the original tunnel network must have been huge."

One of the oldest known statues at 13,500 year old. “Balıklıgöl Statue” in the Urfa Museum is a two-meter high statue of a male, discovered in Balıklıgöl, Turkey in 1993. The statue is made of limestone and the eyes are carved out of obsidian.

The famous leopard-enthroned goddess from the granary at Çatal Hüyuk, close to 6000 bce.