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LilBird • 1 year ago

Sharia law's aim is to take over America. Is Obama going to stop them from making progress? He send billions of tax payer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood each year! Vote Obama out! We need someone who will stand up to these evil thugs. Romney 2012.

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Sharia Law

  • Lillian Louise

    Once we get rid of them all we won't have to deal with own specialty.

Burned for dating. Before and after. This is sharia law.

Tell me again that Obama is a Christian!

Stop sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. This... Upsets me so much..... This is coming to our country unless you STAND AGAINT the MUSLIM LAWs.... This in AMERICA... Go Home if you want to live like this or accept the American Laws .....

Why do Obama/Muslim supporters not get this??

Sharia law in the US? a line for men and one for women! Tell them that if they leave, KFC will build them a big chicken place at home. To hate Americans and America, they seem to just love..our food!

Stop sharia law. Stop our government from sending billions of our dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.