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Bob Dalton, leader of the outlaw Dalton Gang, who robbed trains and banks throughout Oklahoma. In Coffeyville, Kansas, the townspeople fought back and Bob Dalton lay dead

Gratten Dalton 1865-1892 Killed in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1892 during attempted double bank robbery.

Outlaw Bob Dalton. The Dalton Gang was also well known around Fort Smith

Bob and Grat Dalton, outlaw members of the Dalton Gang dead

William Marion Dalton (1866–June 8, 1894), called Bill Dalton, was an American outlaw in the American Old West. He was the co-leader of the Wild Bunch gang and he was the brother of the founders of the Dalton Gang, Gratton, Bob and Emmett.

The Dalton Gang, October 1892, in the wake of their attempted robbery of two banks at once in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Memento Mori of the Dalton Gang, outlaws in the American Old West. Left to right: Bill Power, Bob Dalton, Grat Dalton, and Dick Broadwell, October 1892. Source: Cramers Art Rooms of Cherryvale, Kansas

Robert Reddick "Bob" Dalton (1868 - Oct. 5, 1892) lawman & outlaw. His brother Frank was U.S. Deputy Marshal & Bob served with him on several posses. After Frank was killed, Bob became a Deputy Marshal in Arkansas. Accused of illegally selling whiskey to the Indians & discharge him from his position, he turned outlaw. He led an ill-fated Dalton Gang raid on two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas. Ambushed by town citizens Bob, Bill Power, Grat Dalton & Dick Broadwell were all killed.

William "Bill" Dalton 1866-1894 After the death of his brothers in Coffeyville; Bill Dalton became one of the leaders of the Doolin-Dalton Gang. Bill Dalton was killed by a posse on June 8, 1894 near Ardmore, Ok.

Gratton Hanley "Grat" Dalton (March 30, 1861 – October 5, 1892) was an American outlaw in the American Old West. As leader of the Dalton Gang he died during an ill-fated raid on a bank in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Frank Dalton 1859-1887 US Deputy Marshall in Fort Smith, Ark. Described as"one of the most brave and efficient officers". Was killed on Nov.27th 1887 while trying to arrest Dave Smith. Frank Dalton was older brother of the Dalton Brothers.