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The Suspense Was Killing Me!

Who else here is guilty of eating salad with a soup of ranch dressing?

Here’s a quick recipe for a homemade Kool-Aid: Add 2 cups of Granulated Sugar to 1 Liter of Water. Mix well, then serve. Enjoy!

Or edible finger claws! Rawr!

Does enjoying Sriracha make you a masochist? You know it hurts, but still you enjoy every last drop of it!

Our same sentiment, too! Why is there a salad bar at Pizza Hut? LOL

How many times have you fallen victim for being too excited seeing a can of Altoids, only to be disappointed that it has buttons and sewing needles inside?

If food brands were brutally honest, this would be their slogans.

We’ve all been fooled, thinking each color represented a different flavor. It doesn’t stop us from making it a breakfast staple though.

If REGRET has a smell, it would surely be the aroma of freshly cooked Auntie Anne’s pretzel wafting through the air! Haha!