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Cottage with picket fence

whites ~ laundry and picket fence

White picket fence and all.

  • Susan

    In Greeley, Colorado the owners of all the historic downtown old Victorians, foursquare, farmhouse, ect..were allowed to chop them into many room apartment style complexes to rent to college kids...they dont take care of the hundreds and hundreds of these old homes, the local historical preservation group tried to stop this practice, and let these homes be sold or restored. It would of cost money and some would of lost income on these rentals..the historic preservation failed. Leaving homes like this to rot and further destroyed. In the bubble, a smaller style of homes in Greeley that are 1890-1929 were foreclosed on bought by corporation's and are now low income rentals..these corporations rent them for 1,000-1,500 month, the state aid pays the majority of the extreme inflated rent price while the renter pays a small amount, $25-50$. All these old homes are now in a section of town i cant live..not because i don't want to...but because i wouldn't be welcomed...I've seen many many historic homes on tours in towns, and cities all over..Greeley let their history go to the highest bidder..and sold out to big corporations. These homes are not found daily, some of us love them. They are works of art that show what we used to build. The modern day builder cant come close in building or in style...sad.

picket fences

White picket fence