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Hy Brazil the other Atlantis

L'île Pepys est une île fantôme qui était censée être située à 230 miles au nord des îles Malouines.Elle a été décrite par Ambrose Cowley en 1684 qui a probablement confondu avec les coordonnées d'une des îles Malouines et lui a donné le nom de Samuel Pepys, secrétaire de l'Amirauté.

WINDSONG: Rihla (Journey 29): Blasket Islands, Ireland: Hy-Brasil and Hard Cases

12,000 years ago during the ice age ocean levels were up to 350 feet lower. Hy Brasil would have been a real island then, not a myth. Don't they say that all myth begins with a seed of truth ?

File:Skálholt-Karte - His 1570 original no longer survives. A copy was made in 1690 by Thordur Thorlaksson (also known by his Latinized name, Thorlacius), the Bishop of Skálholt. The map is in the collections of the Danish Royal Library. Numerous other copies were made by Scandinavian scholars. By matching latitudes with the British Isles, the map shows the northern tip of "Vinland" as being at (51°N), the same latitude as the southern tip of Ireland and Bristol, England.

Divers from St Andrews University, find remains of Doggerland, the underwater country dubbed 'Britain's Atlantis', a 8500 year old huge settlement that was submerged in the sea; "the real heart of Europe"... Had tens of thousands of people and stretched from Scotland to Denmark...

another map of Hy Brasil

This is a ‘carte a figures’, meaning that the map was embellished with drawings of people, and was a typically Dutch decoration of the time (Speed’s maps were produced by Dutch cartographers). Three kinds of early seventeenth-century Irish people are dressed here – Gentle, Civill (non-military middle class), and Wilde.