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Overly Manly Man on calories

My dentist told me I needed a crown. I was like, ' I KNOW, RIGHT?!'

It happens to me all the time…

true true true

  • Raechel Smith

    I've worked for McDonald's for 5 years... And our sandwiches do not look like that lol

  • Laura Provenzano

    I've never got a taco from taco bell that looked like that... And I've been to many different taco bells in different states!!

  • Jasmine Slaton

    haha my tacos never look like that, lol

  • Samantha Robinson

    Hah I have unfortunately personally witnessed all. Sometimes they don't even get the meat and cheese in the bun and we have to build our own burger.

  • Debi Luke

    Well I have witnessed all and these may be a little dramatic or extreme but they NEVER look like the advertisement one! Also our taco bell serves uncool hard as nails rice in theirs seven layer burritos! My 10 yr nearly broke a tooth on it because it was so hard!

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me, all the time.

Me: "So do I push or pull?" Apathetic employee: "Yeah."