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Holli • 37 weeks ago

The fandom... they come, they conquer, and then they salt everything before they burn ya....

  • Danielle McClanahan
    Danielle McClanahan • 22 weeks ago

    Yes, I've seen all of both Doctor Who and Supernatural. I'm saying that whenever the Doctor isn't in a place where something bad is happening then he doesn't know about it and therefore doesn't help. I'm not saying that the Doctor doesn't care or anything like that. I'm saying that Sam and Dean consistently hunt these things. The Doctor doesn't do that. He helps when he sees there is a situation; he doesn't go looking for the trouble.

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams • 22 weeks ago

    ^That's true. But like I said, there's always something bigger/better/stronger.

  • Maggie Tiffany
    Maggie Tiffany • 21 weeks ago

    ^ guys lets just all not start fandom wars on piterest (that's what tumblr is for) all hell will break loose then sam dean and the doctor will have to save us all (again).

  • Crystal Totaro
    Crystal Totaro • 20 weeks ago

    Best comments to a Pinterest post :)

  • Holli
    Holli • 20 weeks ago

    ^^ haha :D

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