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Wicca Dreamers
Wicca Dreamers • 1 year ago

Smoke gazing is a method of scrying using smoke from a flame or typically a fire. As the smoke rises, images are perceived in the smoke that details spiritual messages for the seer.Smoke scrying is more positively used as a means of divination by shamans to receive messages from the spirit world. Smoke scrying for fun can be done while seated around a camp fire as messages fill the air. Note that the patterns of the smoke change as the smoke rises into the air.

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A candle is a good magick tool, it has all 4 elements: earth (wax), air (smoke), fire (flame) water (melted wax).

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Botanomancy - A form of pyromancy which involves divination through the burning of leaves, tree branches and herbs. It said that those who practiced botanomancy would draw omens from the smoke of the fire

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Winter solstice tradition writing our hopes and dreams for the year on slips of paper, we light them on fire by our candles and watch as the paper transforms to smoke… carrying our intentions out to the universe."

To smudge a crystal, use sweetgrass, cedar, sage, incense, etc. Let the smoke "wash" over the crystal, and then leave in your window sill in the sun or outside to energize. This is a Native American and a Native African tribal method.

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