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@eli nichols - doped-up corgi. You're welcome.

  • Eli Nichols

    I pinned another thing from this guy and said someone should give him my number. In my head we are a happy couple.

  • stella j

    he was born to make you happy, clearly. also I'm starting to think I'm some kind of pet-genius, cos when I had to give my dog medicine, I would just hold it in my hand and say "you eat now!" and he would. Of course he was a dalmatian, and dals are doggee-dustbins.

Dogs in cars look like they’re warping through space. XD

Yeah, gilligan sounds cool :)

'just act cool' never works.

  • Nazia

    This is fantastic!

  • stella j

    I feel so sorry for him! but not so sorry that I didn't laugh.

  • Daïn C

    I love border collies. They're so clever: (this one is resolutely not derpy).

  • Daïn C

    when she squeaks, "I understand this!" @ 2:28. =D

  • stella j

    wow! I liked how at the start they introduced her by saying "known only by the pseudonym, Betsy..." Lol! they made her sound like she was in the witness protection program.

A dog catching Nuggets with its mouth…

  • Daïn C

    the second to last capture looks like he has cobwebs in his mouth

  • stella j

    I quickly skimmed over that pic on account of it making me feel all barfy.