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Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry - Arizona

Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry - New Mexico

The truth: What is a late term abortion?

Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry - Carhart

"Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America is a 2009 pro-life documentary film which draws a connection between the targeting of African Americans by the eugenics movement in the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the modern-day prevalence of abortion among African Americans."

This baby is a preemie, she was born at 24 weeks old. Every year 30,000 babies are aborted at exactly this age. Still think she's not human? Wake up America!

  • Nicole Hashimoto

    Education is key to the eradication of fear and ignorance. I want my children to grow up strong of mind and body. If anything I can do during a pregnancy potentially affects the being within, then to what effect is abortion truly safe?

Hey Pro-Lifers: Six Things NOT to Do To End Abortion

Head of Pro-Abortion Group Pleads Guilty to Arranging Sex With Child via @StevenErtelt

This speech on abortion by a 12 year old left her pro-choice teacher speechless (Video) - At first Lia’s pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school’s speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she HEARD the speech... Lia went on to WIN the competition!

  • elle

    Troof, troof. Good show good books, can't deny that.

  • Krystle Smith

    I really all most stopped watching after the Starks died their bloody death ! But then I do would have missed king jaffrey die his awesomely deserved death !!!

  • elle

    Have you seen the YouTube video of Jeoffrey being slapped by Tyrion on repeat for 10 hours? That's the bet.

  • Camila Fulle Bunster

    Love this girl! I can't believe she is 12 and older people find it so hard to understand something so basic.

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Seventy-eight percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are in black neighborhoods. Blacks make up only 12% of the population, but 35% of America's aborted babies are black. Half of black pregnancies end in abortion. --> So why would Obama ask God to bless Planned Parenthood?!