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  • Ellie Doll

    I have more emotions for others than myself. I would do anything for those I love. But a fetus that I have no intentions of keeping? Not something I would love. And I am feeling better thanks. The penicillin my doctor gave me has taken waaay the pain but the swelling of my tonsils has yet to go down. Which is worrisome.

  • Krystle Smith

    :( and I bet it's still freezing ?! That's got to suck Well I'm getting ready to go to the gulf to see my momma for Easter ... It's warm here, well it froze the other night Texas weather is what's crazy

  • Ellie Doll

    I always thought Michigan was the only one with bipolar weather till I moved to Ohio. There was three inches of snow on the ground the other day. After a week of 60° days. We haven't had snow here in weeks yet there's still snow on the ground in Michigan even though I'm only three hours away from my home town. Its crazy how different the weather is from here to there. Its actually not been too bad here yesterday and today. Hoodie weather for sure. But not bad. I'm stuck at my dorm for Easter bunnyy boyfriend is coming to visit me for a week

  • Krystle Smith

    Well I hope y'all have a good time !!! We are all ready in shorts and flip flops !! It's 67 out all ready ! But a week ago it got down to 34 and that's really bad for us cuz we all ready had ante our garden ! I'm still worried about some of the plants not growing this year! We plants grapes and I really hope they make it ! I loved the snow it was awesome to sled down suicide hill in butler PA one of my best child hood memories are in the snow !!

  • Ellie Doll

    I'm more of a summer person. Grapes are hardy I think. My friends growing up used to have grapes in their backyard.

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Inhuman: Undercover in America's Late-Term Abortion Industry- Carhart If we define the end of life when the heart officially stops beating then why is it not considered the beginning of life at the moment the heart STARTS beating? It starts beating 18 days after conception.