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Chays Love
Chays Love • 2 years ago

In 2009, the American Heart Association recommended that women consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugar a day, and men no more than nine. The problem is, the average American downs about 22 a day. This doesn’t include naturally occurring sugars in fruit and milk, but hidden white sugars. These sugars appear to trigger a chemical reaction that creates inflammation in the body and too much inflammation can play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other major conditions.

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Foods which create inflammation in the body are refined sugar, wheat & alcohol,Fruit is not inflammatory.

Areas of the body where inflammation may occur with AS. Thank you SAA.

Naturally high in fiber, each nightshade vegetable offers antioxidant benefits that aid the body in fighting disease and inflammation naturally…eliminating problems once and for all.

Tendinitis can happen anywhere. Commonly occurring near the major joints of the body (shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, and knee). Pinpoint inflammation and general aching are a couple of the signs.

Wegner's granulomatosis is an uncommon disease, in this the blood vessels are inflamed (vasculitis). This inflammation damages important organs of the body by limiting blood flow to those organs and destroying normal tissue.

People with lupus have to avoid things that could stimulate their immune system (like echinacea), increase inflammation in the body or trigger a lupus flare. Click through to see the list of things to avoid according the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center. CC Photo credit:

Anger left unresolved will turn into dis-ease. Then to further complicate it, uncommunicated feelings turn into more anger. Anger manifests in the body with fever and inflammation and causes more dis-ease. Release your anger, do something about and move forward. You cannot live in fear and anger. Its not healthy. There is no barrier between the emotional body and the physical and energetic body.

Autoimmune Arthritis = Autoimmune Disease + Arthritis Autoimmune Arthritis is caused when the bodies own cell receptors fail to communicate properly, resulting in signals that tell the body to attack its own healthy cells. Over time these attacks produce dangerous inflammation levels in the joints, connective and soft tissues and organs. Its not arthritis its Autoimmune Arthritis. (Blog post by Tiffany Westrich)

Trace Mineral needed for the body is Selenium. It helps in reducing inflamation and improves help for the body to make glutathione

comparison of foods (e.g. muffin) (720 calories) to fresh fruits

3-in-1 Fruit Infusion Pitcher ♥ Brew it, flavor it, or chill it! Good for Water or your Favorite Tea!