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erica isabel
erica isabel • 2 years ago

You know who else sees the drop in gas prices as a bad thing? Republican strategists who were hoping to reap the political benefits of high gas prices at the polls this year.

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Republican Propaganda about gas prices and the facts - Republicans want to blame gas prices on Obama

Fox tells its audience that discrimination is a good thing.

  • Sharon Beller

    That's why even after Obama made it possible for children to be under parents insurance till age 26

  • Sharon Beller

    The insurance company refused to pay for my daughters normal Pap smear! They said it was a pre-existing condition!!! Well, their right. Her vagina WAS 25.

  • Sharon Beller

    $5000 later, in one year they called EVERYTHING for my two healthy daughters pre-existing! Took my money & paid for nothing!

...too bad he didn't use some of that power and money to help the world.

When Women Stand With Rush Limbaugh THIS Is What They Stand For #Media #MediaMatters #Limbaugh

How the “Fox News Cycle” can have a significant impact on Republican politics. Step 1: They develop a smear. Step 2: They criticize other media for not covering their smear. Step 3: They use unethical practices to push that smear. Step 4: The Fox News smear becomes a Republican theme.

Conflict of Interest?? The Members Of Romney's Campaign Who Work For Fox News: Elaine Chao, John Bolton, Walid Phares, Pete Snyder

  • Michael Sternberg

    How about Obama's largest donor / controler soros with his myriad of front groups.

the "wussification" of Fox News?

Bill O'Reilly tries to explain Obama's lead in a Fox News poll. By blaming the internet.

Fox aired a graphic with a badly distorted scale to exaggerate the effect that the expiration of the Bush tax cuts would have on the rich.

Fox News mistakes the president of Egypt for the prime minister. h/t fearandwar.tumblr...

97% of climate experts agree that global warming is caused by human activity -- but you won't hear that on Fox News.