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Paula • 2 years ago


  • Bryce Hardy
    Bryce Hardy • 2 years ago

    My comment below was for Jason but he must have removed his comment. He wrote: “I guess I just figured since their is a church on every other corner (sometimes multiple churches on a corner), Christians taking over our political process, Jesus on billboards, radio, TV, a cross or Jesus sign every half mile on interstate, Christians knocking at my door, sending me mail, and calling me, Christians protesting soldiers funerals, taking multiple wives, starting cults, and pushing their "values" on our children in school, that we could have "just one single place" in America where people can discuss things besides religion. Oh I forgot, since there are some people that seem to be very knowledgeable on this site, I did have one question. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? (Lev 24:10-16) Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14).”

  • Bryce Hardy
    Bryce Hardy • 2 years ago

    My response: Due to the fact that religion is a major part of our society (80% of Americans identify themselves as Christian) wouldn’t it be natural for others to post about Jesus. I’m not certain how Christians are “taking over our political process.” The last several times I voted, not one Christian entered the voting booth with me and forced me to vote for his/her candidate. Jesus on billboards, radio, TV, or signs on the Interstate is a wonderful expression of free speech by some of the 80% referred to above. Your biased sample of protesters, polygamists, and cults obviously do not reflect Christians a whole and reveal your bigotry. And someone’s values are always being “pushed” in school, whether religious or secular so that argument can go both ways; however it appears the secularists are winning in that arena. Your questions regarding Old Testament law exhibit a lack of knowledge regarding ancient Near East culture and Biblical theology. The decrees given in Leviticus 19:19 regard the mixing of various items which were considered sacred. The mixing of fabrics was reserved for parts of the tabernacle, high priest’s garments, and belts of ordinary priests (Ex. 26:1, 31; 28:6, 15; 39:29). The yield resulting from planting two kinds of seed in a vineyard would become holy and therefore forfeited to sacred ownership by the sanctuary (Deut. 22:9). The mating of different kinds of animals was prohibited due to symbolic representation of purity which Israel was to strive for as well as representational of the purity and cleanliness of the future Messiah (Passover Lamb, sacrificial lambs, bulls, fowl, etc.) The breaking of any of these laws was not punishable by stoning or burning as you suggested. Rest assured, you or your uncle have no need to worry of receiving a Levitical stoning or burning as Jesus has done away with such (Matt. 5:17). Thank goodness for Christ!

  • Dana Theriot
    Dana Theriot • 2 years ago

    Standing ovation Bryce! Well said my brother.

  • Nicole Russell
    Nicole Russell • 2 years ago

    Bryce, Thank you for that... I did not have the time or patience to respond to that nonsense from Jason, who did in fact delete his ridiculous comments. Thank you SO much!

  • Bryce Hardy
    Bryce Hardy • 2 years ago

    Thank you Dana and Nicole.

  • Nick Durham
    Nick Durham • 2 years ago

    Good job Bryce

  • Sophja Harris
    Sophja Harris • 2 years ago


  • Tabitha Turnbull
    Tabitha Turnbull • 2 years ago

    Bryce Thanks! I just posted this because I try daily to LIVE this. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone but my JESUS is offensive and jealous and wants our full self. I posted this because I LOVE him and if you do have a choice. And I'm sure you have totally missed the story here....JESUS is not a Religion.. Religion is Man made.......He is my LORD and SAVIOR and can be yours as well. All the questions you have, you can have anwsered by reading the bible, praying and he will guide you. You see GOD is....and He will always BE....I will not argue about our GOD.....and by the way not everyone who calls themselves Christians actually follows HIM.

  • Sophja Harris
    Sophja Harris • 2 years ago

    Well said Tabitha! True Religion is: pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this:to care for orphans and widows in their misfortune and to keep oneself unstained by the world. James 1:27

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris • 2 years ago

    My feeling exactly!

  • Lacee Campbell
    Lacee Campbell • 2 years ago

    Well said Bryce. Narrow minded people like Jason should really keep their opinions to themselves. As for seeing things related to Christianity everywhere, I find it refreshing. It shows me there is still hope for this great nation.

  • Kristen Gault
    Kristen Gault • 2 years ago

    Why is it that people have to come and berate each other on pinterest? Hello??? It's freakin Pinterest!!! This person has every right to post whatever the heck they want. I'm assuming that Jason is not a Christian and neither am I but I have no problem with people that love the Lord!!! In fact, I think that we can all learn a lot from difference of opinion if we would all just stop judging and berating each other and start listening to each other. I often find that people who believe something different than me are the people that teach me the most. So stop being such a jerk Jason.

  • Emily Childers
    Emily Childers • 2 years ago

    nice wording Kristen Gault, totally agree. Obviously 2,973 people liked it because they repinned it.

  • Britt R
    Britt R • 2 years ago

    Thank you Kristen! i feel like sometimes its just cuz its Christianity people can say what they want but any other religion or theology and people would be reported for such harsh words and called ignorant and prejudice. its amazing the amount of persecution that exists today! if you don't like it, don't look at it!!

  • Grace Allen
    Grace Allen • 2 years ago

    Dont know where I would be without Jesus

  • Kristen
    Kristen • 2 years ago

    Nice, Bryce! Love how people like to throw Levitical law back in the face of those of us who love the Lord. Thank you for clarifying that Jesus HAS done away with that. His sacrifice, once for all! Romans 5:9

  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans • 2 years ago

    Shout Out to Tabitha and all the Glory to the King Jesus...

  • Aimee Park
    Aimee Park • 2 years ago

    Amen! Wish more people felt this way!

  • Kristi Rhinehart
    Kristi Rhinehart • 2 years ago

    Amen! So in love with Jesus!

  • Marilyn (Freeland)  Taylor

    I know what is was like without Jesus, and I know what it is to have Him as my Savior....I would never want to be without Him.

  • Lisa Stoneback
    Lisa Stoneback • 2 years ago

    Amen :D

  • Debbie Hanson
    Debbie Hanson • 2 years ago

    Nicely said Brice. Love that you used scripture.

  • Rosemary Sampson
    Rosemary Sampson • 2 years ago

    Absolutely! Love Him!

  • Caroline Britton
    Caroline Britton • 2 years ago

    Bryce well said! It makes me giggle when people try to sound so smart then write "their" are churches on every corner. Haha. Jason, learn how to properly insult us please. Thanks. God bless 8)

  • Mayra J M
    Mayra J M • 2 years ago

    Amen! Same thing I say when they ask what religion I am or what church I attend..I recently changed churches because we belived its what God wanted us to do, unfortunately our church acted like we left a cult and were exiled... why? I don't understand...

  • Darian Alayne
    Darian Alayne • 2 years ago

    Ummm..not to rain in anyone's parade, but believing in Jesus Christ is indeed Christianity, which is a religion. So while saying that Jesus is your savior is correct, he is also, technically your religion. Whether or not you practice a specific denomination is a whole different story.

  • Jann Deane
    Jann Deane • 2 years ago

    Jesus is Jesus, not a 'religion.' We follow Him, period. Love to all of you, and keep up the great dialogue. God bless you! ♥

  • My-Linh Ngo
    My-Linh Ngo • 2 years ago

    Jesus Christ is our Savior. also he is the son of God. but people seem to forget that he is NOT God. He has a boss to answer to.

  • Kayla Henderson
    Kayla Henderson • 2 years ago

    @lacey Campbell. I like how you say " narrow minded people" when in fact the people who are narrow minded are the ones who believe in a religion. Most are taught that you go to church, the bible is the right way, etc. how do you know? I mean honestly, you just grow up in this environment and are told to believe in certain things, but why? As a science major, I have found more proof inmy science books than in the bible any day. I'm sorry if it offends anyone that's just what I believe. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I'm just curious as to how you can believe something that you have never actually, physically seen... That's narrow minded.

  • Karen Nowland
    Karen Nowland • 2 years ago

    Amen....this is so awesome that people are finally proclaiming their faith in the Lord. Praise His holy name.

  • Lynnette Schmidt
    Lynnette Schmidt • 2 years ago

    Well, Kayla, have you seen love? Can you prove it? And how did you grow up? Are you just repeating what you heard? Lots of scientists believe in science and Jesus. They are not incompatible. You are certainly expressing legitimate concerns and arguments, but have you really given the Bible as much time and effort as your science books? You're on the right track if you keep an open mind and really search for truth. The best of luck to you!

  • Y. Verse
    Y. Verse • 2 years ago

    Coming from a non-religious background, I'm trying to understand this. Forgive me in advance if I sound rude, but how do you separate the love of Jesus or any character in the Bible from religion?

  • Bryce Hardy
    Bryce Hardy • 2 years ago

    Kayla, there are many things that can’t be PROVEN by science but are RATIONAL to accept. 1. Logic and Math: Cannot be proven by science; science presupposes logic and math. If you tried to prove them by science you would be arguing in a circle. 2. Metaphysical truths: Such as there are other minds other than my own. or the external world is real, or the past was not created five minutes ago with the appearance of age. 3. Ethical beliefs about the statements of value: You cannot show by science whether the Nazi’s did anything evil in their judgments as opposed to other ethical beliefs held by western society. 4. Aesthetic Judgments: Personal taste in beauty cannot be shown by the scientific method. 5. Science Itself: Science is permeated with un-provable assumptions. The theory of relativity hinges on the assumption that the speed of light is constant in a one way direction between two points. But that cannot be proven and has to be assumed in order to hold to the theory. None of these can be scientifically proven yet are accepted as rational beliefs.

  • Lacee Campbell
    Lacee Campbell • 2 years ago

    Kayla first off learn how to spell my name. I wasn't raised as a Christian. I was raised by a drug addict who didn't care about me. I am here today because God was there for me. He brought me through those difficult times. Just because I can't see him. I know he is there. He has worked many miracles in my life. I am sorry u haven't opened ur eyes to him. He is there and patient. When u realize he will welcome you. As for being a scientist in my opinion I feel sorry for y'all who can't have faith. Not everything has to be tangible to believe in it.

  • Nicole Russell
    Nicole Russell • 2 years ago

    @Bryce Hardy you made my day, yet again!

  • Kayla Henderson
    Kayla Henderson • 2 years ago

    @Lacey we can have it, we just choose not to waste our time.

  • Kayla Henderson
    Kayla Henderson • 2 years ago

    @bryce logic and math cant be proven? What school did u go to? You need to broaden your education and really see the physical things around you

  • Kayla Henderson
    Kayla Henderson • 2 years ago

    Also, it is completely understandable that we humans need a higher power to look up to. All in all, it's just a psychological thing. You can google it if you must.

  • Bryce Hardy
    Bryce Hardy • 2 years ago

    Kayla, My response was not antagonistic in nature, I’m sorry you took it that way. As for school, my degrees are in Religion and Philosophy. I stand by my statement that math and logic cannot be empirically proven by science, as science presupposes both; this is a common understanding (perhaps not among undergraduates or the unlearned) and accepted by all in higher learning. Despite your search on Google regarding the psychology of belief, there is SO MUCH more to be said on the subject than what you have probably read and gets into very good arguments on metaphysics and dualism. It’s a good idea to get your information from credible peer reviewed journals, papers, dissertations, etc. in order to make a proper assessment before commenting so authoritatively. I hope you take time to seriously consider the most fundamental questions of life. I’m not trying to strong-arm you into my belief but just want to share with you where I am coming from and hope that you come to the same conclusion of the existence of God that I have after my serious and demanding multi-year search, and fluctuation between non-belief and faith and conviction. When you find yourself accepting that there may be room for faith and God, you’ll look back and agree that it was a worthy journey.

  • Tabitha Turnbull
    Tabitha Turnbull • 2 years ago

    Response to seperating Jesus and Religion: there are many religions, Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, Jewish.... Etc people choose different religions however Jesus is only followed in Christianity. Religion is man made and the reason we are referring to Jesus as Savior and not our religion bec many people just follow laws, rules or I was raised that way.... Etc however I don't want laws an legalism to lead me but for the Jesus Way and his commands to lead how I should live:)

  • Kristen D
    Kristen D • 1 year ago

    Bryce, I have to correct you on a point -- your claim about the circular nature of mathematics and logic being disputed only by the unlearned is both antagonistic and incorrect. I, for one, have a JD from a top law school and was a student of logic and philosophy before that -- it is not an accepted premise as you claim it to be. Rather, the fundamental tenets of those subjects are accepted because they have been tested and found sturdy. Moreover, while one of the people arguing with you does not express a sense of faith, your blanket statements assuming that she lacks education/research are part of the reason that people turn from faith. I make this assertion both from personal experience (having been an atheist before I found God) and from extensive reading on the writings of those who choose a secular path. It's clear you're well-intentioned, but I can hardly imagine someone taking your comments as anything but antagonistic.

  • R Dears
    R Dears • 1 year ago

    Amen Tabitha! Simply put, a religion will have mans rules added to it. JESUS was a in the flesh who really walked the face of the earth 2,000 years ago. He did so for the love He has for us (John 3:16). Therefore, He is also living and we can have a relationship with Him. For the proof He his still alive check out The Case for Jesus, by Lee Strobel. He has gathered the evidence many of you will find intriguing and convincing. I did. Check out the facts for yourself. Anyhow, that is why many of us speak of a relationship. Follow Christ and HIS teachings, not mans.

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