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dam straight. and if someone, usually when an entitled white dude in a suit threatens your right to choose, you will become pro choice too

Cannabis as medicine

it is....cannabis

Once you ENTER...... there is no going back - created by eleni

Cannabis prohibition is a violation of human rights | Anonymous ART of Revolution

Now, why didn't I think of this? Hilarious!

  • Stephanie Moore

    Lol, Tamarak, letting your outrage ruin your typing skills? Amateur... And pity the poor math teacher; they were not teaching you WHAT to think, they were teaching you HOW to think. Stop acting like a republican, silly girl.

  • The Sassy Atheist

    :P Me a repug? Perish the thought, sister. It's sad that I had the very best algebra teacher of my life in college--if she had taught my junior high class, she might have changed the entire course of my life.

  • Stephanie Moore

    Sorry, not trying to impugn your character. I felt the same about a community college calculus teacher...

  • The Sassy Atheist

    ♥ To excellent teachers, wherever we might find them. It's a tough profession and I admire anyone who is passionate and skilled at it. I can teach you all you want to know about carving stone or programming Excel, some basic Photoshop skills or how to plan your landscape. I can even teach a child to read but ohdearlordno (I need a proper atheist expletive), please don't ever force me to teach a room full of kids. There isn't enough patience in my soul to last even one day.

  • Stephanie Moore

    Hahah; love the kids individually, but in groups ...(shudder)...I get it.

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