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Find someone who isn't afraid to admit they miss you. Someone who knows you're not perfect but treats you as if you are. Someone who couldn't imagine losing you. Someone who gives their heart to you completely. Someone who says I love you and proves it. L by deeplifequotes, via Flickr

Wait for the boy who pursues you..

There is nowhere else I'd rather be, nothing else I would prefer to be doing. I am at the beachlooking west with the continent behind me as the sun☀tracks down to the sea. I have my bearings. ➖Tim Winton

I Love You More Than All The Stars In The Sky

I can see it when I close my eyes, and I can feel it as if it were real...and when that day comes I'll kiss the damn town behind along with the people, have no regrets, and start living the life I was meant to.

Jack: I can't think of anything I need less. .____. Mel: I WANT ONE. *flails arms* Chance: See. /She/ likes me. *kisses the top of her head* Jack: <.

He is always in my heart, forever! And no other man will ever ever ever get my whole heart because he has it and I'll never get it back. And I'm quite ready to give him the rest of my heart, what scares me is what he'll do with it....I'm scared he gave it back to me and never wants it back.