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Left Slant Lifted Increase: Insert left needle into the back of stitch below stitch just knitted.

Once you have your needle inserted all the way along the row, you can pull the working yarn to rip back the rows above the needle.

lacy baktus - free pattern! Cast on 4. Row 1: Knit 1, YO, knit the rest of the row. Row 2: Knit, make sure you knit the YO through the back loop. Rows 3 and 4: Knit. Repeat rows 1 through 4

#Knitting #Tutorial - Ways to Keep Track of Your Rows When Knitting Cables. it's important to be able to count the rows in the knitted fabric and see if any error has been made, too. from Knitting Daily

comparing methods for increasing a lot of stitches as unobtrusively as possible, by the Feral Knitter

How different paired increases look worked on every other row

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To keep track of your rows, move paper clip as you finish each row. Use a thick enough piece of card that the clip doesn't slip. I often write an abbreviated version of the pattern repeat on a card; in that case, the numbers will be on the left, and you can use this same trick.

  • DeDee Trattles

    Im going to do this. Awesome :-) I love it. Thanks

  • E Bates

    just buy a row counter and put it on your needle and if it's circular you can buy one with a loop (or put a loop through your straight needle counter and hang it

The Mechanics of Knitting (And How to Graft Two Circular Pieces Together)