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Elysabeth Margaret
Elysabeth Margaret • 2 years ago

“The average life span of a transgendered person is twenty-three years. The statistic is shocking, until it begins to make sense. Gender non-conformists face routine exclusion and violence. Transgendered people are disproportionately poor, homeless, and incarcerated. Many of the systems and facilities intended to help low-income people are sex-segregated and thereby alienate those who don’t comply with state-imposed categories. A trans woman may not be able to secure a bed in a homeless shelt...

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gender is and gender is not

statistics on violence against transgender people

which is why i dont believe in gender- too fluid

* GenderFluid - A GenderQueer person whose gender identity can change with mood or circumstance. A fluid person may identify as a man at one point in time, a woman at another time, bigender at another, third gender, or agender at any given point.

“In this society, if a man is called a woman, that’s the biggest insult he could get. Is that because women are considered something less? I know people want me to sort of defend myself, to sit here and be like, ‘I’m a boy, but I wear makeup sometimes.’ But, you know, to me, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t really have that sort of strong gender identity — I identify as what I am.” - Andrej Pejic #feminism #equality #lgbtq #gsm #transphobia #sexism #genderfuck

All-gender-friendly spaces need to be more accessible. I know people who are non-binary that would appreciate this.

"I need inclusive feminism because trans people are still murdered for their gender identity. Don't forget about them."