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Boston Marathon Explosions Leave Three Dead Twin blasts kill three and injure over 140 as Barack Obama declares those responsible "will feel the full weight of justice". At least three people have been killed and more than 140 others hurt after two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon. The blasts ripped through the crowd near the finish ...

PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack

CLAIM: Boston Bomber Last message on Facebook to his Father – “I have never done it , they set me up”

CNN Caught Red Handed Using Crisis Actor - whatthegovernment...

so,if he tried to take his own life in the boat by shooting himself the throat,OR got shot bc he was armed,OR if he got cut in the throat by "shrapnel" the night before,then WHERE IS THAT WOUND IN THIS PICTURE?!?!,taken by the media as he was surrendering and walking out from the boat where he had been hiding..and look ma' no throat wound---hummm,makes ya think,WHY did the police,mayor,, say he was wounded and was unable to speak

Some of the truth is leaking out... YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS ARTICLE. ..

PREPARING FOR MAJOR TERRORISM EXERCISES IN 3 US CITIES: a couple of days ago, someone found a Facebook Memorial page for the victims of a April 28 LA nuke attack and it has since been removed; it APPEARS that there are, in fact nuke exercises scheduled for LA this weekend, just like at SANDY HOOK FEMA was doing exercises nearby and a Boston drill team was doing exercises at the finish line of the Marathon when it was bombed. 04/24/13

▶ Former CIA Agent's Message to America - WATCH NOW - YouTube

How do US veterans feel about the crisis in Iraq? - BBC News #FFOA freedomfightersof... Fresh and True News 24/7 WITH NO HYPE

A speech from *2002* - April 24, to be precise, predicted EVERY crisis our nation, and the world, is facing today. Ron Paul's career in Congress defending individual liberty across the board inspired MILLIONS around the world to become active in politics. I'll let the video speak for itself.

Here's another case of centralized "local" media for Valentine's Day.