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Male Headdress Designed like a Helmet and Covered with Sogdian Silk Silk, linen, wood, leather; H. 50 cm Early medieval culture of the Adygo-Alanian tribes. 8th-9th century Moshchevaya Balka Burial Ground, North-western Caucasus, Moshchevaya Balka (gorge), Karachayevo-Cherkessk Republic Russia Source of Entry: State Museum of Ethnography of Peoples of the USSR, Leningrad. 1935

Thorsberg - germanic tunic found in moor made in ca 4th century. Now located in Gottorp Palace, Schleswig, Germany Copyright Martina a Martin Høibovi © 2006

13th Century Pellote of Enrique I (1203-1217) is made of silk, gold on edges, Museum de Tales medieval, Burgos

A "Brocade with pomegranate pattern", Italian, 16th century (silk, gilt thread) Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Beaker with archer and bull, ca. 10th–9th century B.C. Iron Age II. Western Iran.

Headdress Pazyryk Culture, 5th century BC The Hermitage Museum

The Romanov Throne - St Petersburg, Russia

13th Century Tunic of St. Elizabeth ca 1238, located in Elizabenthal Kloster Tiefenthal im Rheingan.

Bridle Pazyryk Culture, 5th-4th century BC The Hermitage Museum

Table Pazyryk Culture, 5th century BCE The Hermitage Museum