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A boy carries his brother, covered with burns from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. August 10, 1945. Yōsuke Yamahata. (黒ネコ)

Armenian female fighters against the Ottoman Turks, c. 1895. Note the huge revolver tacked in the belt of the woman on the left. Both fighters hold their rifles with muzzle to the ground, a widespread manner in those days (but not conducive to safety since this is a good way of picking up dirt and other foreign objects from the ground, which could cause serious problems during firing).

Reporting the position of enemy aircraft to gun crews. My Mother won an honorable pin for watching 1000 hours in a tower on a high Onondaga hill in central NYS during the Korean War in the 1950s.

26-inch thick armor from Japanese Yamato class battleship, pierced by a US Navy 16-inch gun. The armor is on display at the US Navy Museum just in case anyone asked to see the math.

"On the Stalingrad Front, August, 1942: Recon scout N. Romanov poses with his PPSh-41 sub-machine gun and four hand grenades stuck in his belt. The one with the skirt is a "pomegranate" defensive grenade. Note also the scout knife."

The German 280mm railway gun of the "Bruno" series en route to the front, invasion of Poland, 1939.

Execution of "Murderous Mary" in 1916. Powerful and Sad image. My heart gently weeps......... When will humans understand the plight of our brother and sister? We the crappy caretakers. Shame on us!

800mm super heavy rail gun Dora. Adolf Hitler (Center), Albert Speer (left) and other dignitaries arrived at the site at Rugenwalde (now Darłowo, Poland), where they were represented the 800 mm super heavy rail gun Dora (80-cm-Kanone (E) and the prototype of the SAU SD. Kfz.184 'Ferdinand'. Rugenwalde, March 19th, 1943.

"One of 15 mass graves excavated under the direction of Father Desbois. There was nothing to see in Ukraine because people were shot to death with guns, said Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, president of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Ukraines largest philanthropic organization. Thats why Father Desbois is so important." Photo: Guillaume Ribot/Yahad-In Unum. "A Priest Methodically Reveals Ukrainian Jews’ Fate".

A Woman waits to be executed at Belzec. What a threat she was to the Reich. . .

A liberated Jewish Holocaust survivor turning the tables. Date unknown.