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Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and Moon

The Moon Goddess Hecate Greek Goddess of the Crossroads She is often seen as a "hag" or old witch but that's just stereotyping. Hecate was the only one of the Titans who Zeus allowed to retain authority after the Olympians had defeated them. She was given the position of being the guardian of the households and the protector of all that was newborn.

Greek Goddesses The Ancient Greek Goddesses make such good archetypal figures because of their exaggerated personalities. They can be viewed as being similar to the modern day super heroes as they have a human form and super human abilities. Despite these super powers and their immortality they are still plagued by the destructive force of negative emotions.

Guillaume Seignac - Pierrot's emrace

Anna Perenna is the Roman Goddess of long life and renewal, health and plenty. Her two names both make reference to the year: anna means "to live through a year", while perenna means "last many years" (still seen in the English words annual and perennial). She seems to be concerned with cycles of renewal, and connecting the past to the present; She Herself is described in some legends as old, and in others as young.


Drawing down the moon....

Painter Helen Frankenthaler (at 30) sitting amidst her art in her studio in New York City, 1956

Guillaum Seignac

L'Inspiration - Guillaume Seignac

Goddess Diana