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  • gabby robin

    Left hand problems so true

  • Zoe Wardle

    This happens all the time to me I am left handed, give me a marker to write with and in 5 min my hand I a garenteed to look like that

  • Skylar Harrison

    Yup. Don't even get me started on chalk/dry erase boards

  • gabby robin

    I feel ur pain...I I try to write on a dry erase board it just gets erased by my hand

  • Jana Marie

    I am right handed and I always end up with my hand like this by the end of the day...

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Your reaction to this bit in the movie…Batman!

Awesome movie.

  • Andrea Tomich Ohnstad

    Hell, we were fucked when Boromir and Patrick Batman were coming after us.

  • j s

    Nope...not at all. Ned Stark would lose his head on the chase, Bruce Wayne would fake his death and retire rather than keep on your trail, Boromir would betray the others, then never complete the mission because he got the point (of many arrows in his torso) and the whole thing would have been a made up delusion in the head of Patrick Bateman, who never did anything, just imagined he did while looking at business cards the way a housewife looks at paint samples when she wants to re-do the living room. This pin was off kilter, does this comment restore Equilibrium? lol

  • Kelly Wiedau

    Yes. Yes, it does.