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Terrina Venditti
Terrina Venditti • 2 years ago

Why keeping eyes on litter promotes better behavior by Phillip Ball. BBC: Damien Francey et al. found that pasting an image of eyes below an symbol for trash disposal resulted in more 'good behavior' than images of flowers. #Human_Behavior #Psychology #Damien_Francey #Philip_Ball #BBC #Environment

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Cues of being watched enhance cooperation in a real-world setting by Bateson et al.: Image of a pair of eyes placed over an 'honesty box' for collecting coffee money resulted in three times as much money than a control image. science.journalfe... #Science #Human_Behavior #Melissa_Bateson

Free Today 9th May 2014. Classic Insights into Life and Human Behavior (Timeless Psychology) Volume 1. (USA) (UK) Don't miss out! Join the free psychology kindle book mailing list here. www.all-about-psy... #psychology

Psychology of how the group affects how we think... #group #psychology #peers

Why The Best Chocolate Is The One You Eat Last by Alison Aubrey, npr: Ed O'Brien ( a researcher in social psychology at the University of Michigan) theorizes that our preferences are highly influenced by the moment of choice. And one particularly important moment is the end of an experience. O'Brien's hunch is that we fall for endings or last chances. Listen to the story. #Chocolate #Psychology


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The Nocebo Effect - A review of how 'the anticipation and expectation of a negative outcome may induce the worsening of a symptom.' For ex, anticipation of pain can enhance its magnitude (As opposed to the placebo effect where a more positive expectation can lower perceived pain.) by F. Benedetti et al., Neuroscience 147 (2007) 260 - 271 via mindblog.dericbow... #Nocebo #Placebo #F_Benedetti #mindblog_dericbownds

This file includes a clickable list of V day books. Valentine's Day Writing Worksheets Vocabulary and more 24 page This file focuses on writing with a Valentine's day theme. This resource aims to give students opportunities to revise both reading and writing knowledge and skills. Your worksheets aim to support an introduction to Valentine’s Day concepts, language, symbols & origins. www.teacherspayte... $

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