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Gay marriage has become an issue of such proportions, that people everywhere are debating its effects at great length. A lot of religious folk consider "being gay" a sin and will quote scripture till they're blue in the face. The counter-argument demonstrated here is brilliant articulated - gay marriage is about civil rights and not "morality" as defined by the Church. Please read it.

  • Hannah Nelson

    This is heartbreaking that ANYONE believes we aren't a nation built on God. Why do you think our pledge of allegiance says ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Men fought and gave their lives for the freedom to worship GOD. It's a shame that they wasted their lives on people who won't even acknowledge what they were fighting for. As for gay marriage, I can agree that it could be viewed as a civil rights matter, but to toss out the idea that we aren't founded on biblical morals is a slap in the face to those who built this country.

  • Erin

    Hannah - "Under god" was not added to the pledge until the 1950s. And while, yes, men gave their lives fighting for freedom to worship god in a way they chose, others did the same for the freedom NOT to. "Freedom" being the key word. It's obvious you have little understanding of the history of the founding of this country...that's what is a shame.

  • Lauren Sugrue

    Good luck trying to explain the fact that the earth is roughly 4.54 billion years old

These were found tucked in Bibles in swing states. NOW CAN WE PLEASE START TAXING CHURCHES