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  • Toni Huesman-Allen

    Lol.. @Erika.. I no what you mean. I got sick and now I'm down to a size 4 and would kill to put back on some of the weight from being sick. I know people are being nice but it's like "damn! , I need some fat!!" :)

  • Kaitlyn G

    I had to go gluten free last summer to figure out what was wrong with my stomach. Lost 7 pounds in a week! And it was awful!


    i had gall bladder surgery and lost 50 lbs. but i felt horrilbe and looked like death warmed over. being sick is not the way to loose weight...

  • Deanna Grubb

    Ha ha ha! I say that all the time when people ask if I'm going to get the flu shot "nope, I could stand to loose a few pounds, bring on the flu!" lol

  • Lesley Chance

    I wish this all the time. I lost close to 20 lbs being sick once, and even though I felt like I was dying it was nice being skinny again for a while. I need to go gluten free, I think I have an allergy. And the coughing.. you use muscles you never even know you had!

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Haha every time!!!!

I can't come to the phone right now because you're the one who's calling me.

no they didn't