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Jean Pecoul Nelson
Jean Pecoul Nelson • 2 years ago

Always a fun time at Pinterest HQ @Leslie Kincaid @Justin Edmund @Aren Sandersen

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Pinterest HQ Entrance

  • Vera Dole

    I signed up over a month ago, and still haven't received notification from you as to how to log on, etc. Please help! Thanks

  • Shellie Morrison

    Hi Vera, I'll try and help you. Pinterest is not always there when you need them. I'm not sure what you're asking about in terms of logging on. Do you mean how do you log onto your account?

  • Shellie Morrison

    @Vera Dole when you pull up your home page you will see 1 follower, that'll be me. if you click on my name above this comment it will take you to my account. Once you're there then click "Follow All", that way I can send you messages via the messaging system instead of on here. It's much easier.

  • Shellie Morrison

    @Vera Dole You can also go to the Pinterest Help Center and get step by step instructions on how to get started. On the top bar of your home page click on your name.. you'll see several options.. one of them is "Visit help center". That should help you. If not, just let me know. :-)

  • `Cheryl Hancock`

    Hi .. I cannot create a board all of a sudden. I'm no where near all the limitation amounts but there no button anymore to create a board within the create a board option. I have gone thru the fix a problem tips and cleared caches etc. and restarted my PC and I use Mozilla as my browser. I'm hoping you can tell me why this has happened all of a sudden.

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It's pumpkin carving time here at Pinterest!

The Team! // by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

  • G R

    Wish there was a way to send you an impotant message.

  • G R

    My message is about the Mother's Day Challenge you have sent out. Did it ever occur to you that some of our mothers have already passed away? There also are those who weren't fortunate to have a mother. When you send out challenge emails to everyone you need to be mindful and considerate of their possible life situations. Thanks for listening.

  • G R

    I just posted a comment about the Mothets Day Challenge and when I viewed it it said the comment was added 3 months ago. You really need to fix all the problems with your program.

Our brand new iPad app! by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

  • MaryCris Gonzales

    Will it ever be possible to have the "Preview! Explore Interest" on the mobile version? I love that feature!!!

  • David Richardson

    I have had iPad 2 weeks learning everything a bit slow at moment

Musical chairs! Moving seats at Pinterest HQ.

Ben starts the presentation // by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

Succulent cupcakes - these were a huge hit at our party! by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

Michelle and Aubrey being silly by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr

Evan Sharp introduces mobile apps by Pinterest HQ, via Flickr