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you can't avoid the idea of Hell if you are a Christian, its in the New Testament. That's what really put me off.

I know this has been pinned here before, but I pinned it because it doesn't attack the heart of the issue when many theists tell us that we're extremists. We're not. We're actually (most of us) the middle ground. They fight so that only straight people can get married. Most atheists fight for marriage equality. The OTHER extreme would be that only gay people can get married, which no one fights for. We're NOT extremists.

...cue scary music here .

Reminds me of all the times I've heard Christians threaten atheists with bodily harm.

Using the bible to promote your own, private, nonsensical agenda.

Hell is probably filled with Christians. Just like American prisons.

Long, but a good, thoughtful and well-reasoned, read on why Christians are so hateful and angry at atheists... one of the Best Pin's I've ever read.