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Fire Hedgehog Used by the red army the plane a TU-2 was loaded with 88 PPSH like machine guns. Due to the limited range of the machine guns it flew at low altitudes and on seeing an enemy regiment the pilot would open the doors and shower them with lead. The ground troops would not stand a chance against 88 machine gun firing at the same time a combined 80,000 rounds per minute.

British soldiers of the 2/7th Middlesex Regiment in one of their machine gun carriers at Anzio, 21 February 1944

Lewis machine gun and U.S. Marine

Browning Machine Guns

Driving a WWII era military truck: If the machine guns don’t get you pulled over…

A Viking armoured personnel vehicle armed with a .50 cal machine gun, on patrol with Royal Marines of Whiskey Company, 45 Cdo in Norway, as part of their Winter Deployment.

Vickers Machine Gun

HDT Global Auto-driving, machine-gun armed robot is ready for battle

A British Universal Carrier Mk I comes ashore with troops and guns during the invasion of Sicily on 10 July 1943

Big Guns by paul.malon, via Flickr

HDT Self-Driving Machine Gun Robot Being Tested, anyone think this is a good idea?