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Why don't some people get this???

Believe it or not, most people don't know this.

Everyone knows about this, so why don't we do something?

  • Censor Ship

    The federal reserve is what's bankrupting America. We need the irs abolished along w the fed.

And we don't need guns?

  • Sharon Beller

    Largest prison population on free world. Outspends education on 10 states!

You don't need that.... We The People don't need this hypocrite in Our White House either!!!

DON"T let this happen!

Don't apologize for being outraged.

"Standing up to 'authority' make most people uncomfortable. People don't want to make waves, and don't want trouble. They want to 'get by', and take the safer road. They don't want to put themselves at risk. They don't even want to tell the truth, or even KNOW the truth, if it means they must go against the tide. And that is why tyranny happens." ~ Larken Rose

People who don't want Obamacare

Unite to fix America

Don't care if repost, this deserves to be seen again and again until people get the fucking message - Imgur