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EXPOSED! Obama Bio On Common Core 4th Grade Reading List Portrays Whites As Racists....(whites are not the only people who can be racist, Don't allow this garbage of Obama's victim mentality/ego to go unchallenged.)

  • carmella martin

    Firsy, I am African American and I am truly ashamed of our first Black President. My grandmother wanted to live to see this historic event happening and I so wanted for her to see. However, I am do happy she did not get to see in her life time this president who is nothing more than a common con artist I Capital Hill. Wake up American he is not what our country needs and judge a man by his Character and not his color. We messed up with this one.

  • Becky Nelson

    Oh my god! White people are racists?! You're kidding me, right? I've NEVER heard of white people keeping blacks as slaves, kidnapping them from other countries, systemically abusing ALL other peoples in the United States! Said no one ever.-- And reverse racism doesn't exist! A person of color can be prejudiced against a white person, but not be racist. Racists are the group doing the oppressing - they are the ones with the historical advantages.

  • carmella martin

    Becky, I hope your comments were not directed towards me. I did not comment on racism. However, I did say, "as an African American I am ashamed of our president". Color does not matter with this guy. He hates Americans period.

they don't even know that what they did was wrong

Seven Brilliant Quotes

yes! I've pinned all of these before, either separately or together like this but since people still don't seem to get it..

People our president is a Muslim and believes in his Quran........Better take note, people!


I don't condone being rude, but this is amazing. When people choose ignorance over understanding, you are sometimes forced to be blunt.

The Benghazi Cover-up