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We the people don't think so, Mr McCain. Why don't you try following the American people rather than B Hussein O? Or did you come up with that together at DinnerWithBarack?

People referred to as "units" in America 2014.

And should ONLY be allowed to people that are UNITED STATES CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guns don't kill people, people with no value for life kill people!

.He told us...

Oh Don't You Remember...She Always Claimed She Avoided Getting Politically Involved?! Until She Found "The One" And Aided Shoving Him Down Our Throats!!!

Don't let it happen here!

Forget political correctness----- do what's right!!!

I couldn't have said it better myself. But then, they are not interested in protecting innocent people, it's about control. An unarmed citizen is so much easier to control when the government is the only one with the guns (and the criminals too, of course). Don't be fooled America.

❥ One voice becomes a chorus, becomes a roar, and things change.

Sheep follow blindly...just don't be one of the sheep. It really is that simple.