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RAINBOW MANTIS SHRIMP guarding her eggs

by Doug Anderson - Seraya, Bali - mantis shrimp and eggs

Mantis Shrimp by life-sea.blogspot...: Solitary and violent with powerful claws which it uses to spear, dismember and kill prey the Mantis shrimp has been known to break aquarium glass with a single blow. It has enormous and astonishing eyes with 16 types of cones for color vision (Humans have three.), is able to see polarized light, has independently moving eye stalks, and trinocular vision and depth perception. via #Mantis_Shrimp #life_sea_blogspot

"Mantis Shrimp by Alexander Safonov: Neither a shrimp, nor a mantid, the Mantis Shrimp is a crustacean with excellent vision. Each compound eye moves on a stalk independently of the other eye and has three regions enabling it to view three different images simultaneously, trinocular vision. It has at least 16 different photoreceptors (12 for color, 4 for UV and 4 for polarized light.) The mantis shrimp have colorful bodies which can fluoresce during mating."