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katesome • 2 years ago

Lisa Brown banned from speaking because she used the word vagina. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON PEOPLE!?

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Thank you to men and women who speak out.

I thought that this picture was awesome in showing how feminism affects men as well as females. With the point of feminism being to destruct the inequality of sexes, I think it's a very valid point to consider where men have been progression into typically female dominated professions and vice versa.

The War on Women, Michigan Front. VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA. Damn people!! This madness must end. (photo by Chris Savage)

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    I am a little wound up with Pinterest at the moment. They have deleted an entire board of mine and selectively removed other vintage photos because of naked breasts. Men's nipples are allowed, but not breasts. How's that for war on women?

  • Janelle Ratzlaff Cramer

    The sad part is, most of the people reporting those photos of breasts are women! So sad that we have been brainwashed into thinking that any part of the naked human anatomy, male or female is something shameful and pornographic. Too much uptight repression in this country.

  • Vintage Tikitacky

    Yes. And although I can understand restricting photos of aroused genitalia (even though I don't support censorship), I do not understand ever banning boobs. They're just boobs!!!!

  • Janelle Ratzlaff Cramer

    I am not an advocate of censorship either. If you don't like a pin, pass by. If you don't like the board, unfollow that board. Very simple solution. Boobs are just boobs! Even men have them, some more prominent than others!

  • Comtessa

    Agreed on all counts.

teach girls to scrutinize media

True "feminism" is about equality of the sexes. Sexism harms EVERYONE.

Straight to the point…Really admire this president!