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Matthew Carlson
Matthew Carlson • 1 year ago


  • Lucinda Cotter
    Lucinda Cotter • 1 year ago

    I like your attitude, Matt! Keepin' it friendly. And I also respectfully disagree with the gals above. Love your pins.

  • Jessica Tuma
    Jessica Tuma • 1 year ago

    Hi all! Yes, as an American it is important for us to respect one another in their political opinions. I am more interested in facts and am trying to help the country move in a direction that is more likely to save it. The country has less jobs available. It's a fact. I make less money now doing the same job. Healthcare continues to skyrocket along with tax increases. All politicans are to blame. They help lobbyists not citizens. As an educator, I am disappointed in the limited expectations we ask of students. They will not complete with foreign students in any subject matter. Give me some facts about how your life has improved in the past 4 years. My national board pay was removed which allowed me to mentor new teachers and earn about $8000 a year more. That's a fourth of my pay. I also have a masters degree and my ex husband put our home into foreclosure. I lease a car for twice what it is worth and I do not have the money to pay off my student loans fully with increased rates.

  • Matthew Carlson
    Matthew Carlson • 1 year ago

    Thanks Lucinda! And Jessica, the reason I put this up is more that I think it's a cool poster. Not because I'm trying to spark an angry debate. I'll voice my political opinion in the ballot box. I totally hear you about the effects of the economy and your frustrations with the education system and politics, I think those are things that we can all agree on. Cheers, Matt

  • Tamera Dowd
    Tamera Dowd • 1 year ago

    I like to be able to agree with someone I can believe...

  • Barbara Schuppe Mattson

    He's brilliant at projecting the "I know what I'm doing", "I'm your buddy" bit. But killing hundreds of innocent women & children with drones, killing US citizens right to a trial before being imprisoned - (NDAA), buddy-bailouts, etc. all tell the real story. If he had a different face/voice, he wouldn't be President. As far as the poster goes, graphically, it's pretty weak, again, imagine another face there, and it wouldn't be a pin. Apart from that YOU have great taste! The Shepard Fairey/Obama poster should be here.

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