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Calvin Sitt
Calvin Sitt • 1 year ago

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, and you have probably done something nice for somebody along the line. One of the main problems with Christmas is the act of gift giving. A mistake that some people make is giving others gifts that they don’t like or won’t use. This isn’t done out of malice usually, and the sad part is that the gifts sit and gather dust. If you have received something you don’t quite like, here is a look at how to use Christmas gifts you hate.

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People are always telling me that I am more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery, and I'm always replying, "Get the hell outta here!" Well, turns out they are right. Not only that, but it is actually more probable that I will die by lighting strike than it is that I'll ever win the Mega Millions. How depressing.

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Colorblock Scarf from Gap

How to Move Like the Pros - A Moving Guide

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