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Maddy McKenzie
Maddy McKenzie • 2 years ago

How to Trace Images onto Coolers: 1. Print out your image (not a reflection) the size you want it on computer paper. 2. Lay tissue paper (the kind you put in presents) over it and trace the image with a lead pencil onto the tissue paper, just like with tracing paper. 3. Using painter's tape, tape the tissue paper with the image in pencil where you want it on the cooler. 4. Using a Sharpie, trace over the pencil lines. Press firmly, and every inch or two go back over that section once or twice.

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Love the idea for the Beta Theta Pi side! Paint white, make your design with masking tape, paint inside the lines, pull tape up after full dry, trace and paint black layer, and voila! Honestly wouldn't take more than thirty minutes (minus drying time). Cooler Fraternity UConn Fraternity Formal

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Packing tip. Moving tip. Use saran wrap to secure drawers. Eliminates the need for tape that leaves behind sticky residue, or tying rope and having to fight knots.

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