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Eileen Burke
Eileen Burke • 2 years ago

The Thai Government has raided 2 Wildlife Sanctuary NGOs confiscating the Wild Animals there in retaliation for them speaking out about the latest spree of Elephant killings.

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Happy World Tiger Day! Did you know that there is only 3,000 Tigers left in the wild?! That's 97% of the Tiger species gone, due to habitat destruction and hunting! And humans are the reason for the Tigers to go nearly EXTINCT! I hope that I live to see at least one Tiger in the wild before they're all gone! Please don't allow this to happen, the entire Tiger species WILL go extinct unless we all do something NOW! Time is running out... - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest, for more wildlife news!

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‎"Their bodies are their own; they’re not ours to use. Their babies are their own; they’re not ours to take. Their lives are their own; they’re not ours to end. When we truly grasp that animals do not exist for our pleasure, there will be hope for them and for us. May we manifest in our behavior the compassion we hold in our hearts and thus create the peaceful world we all envision." Colleen Patrick-Goudreau This is how 300,000 lab animals suffer each year. End helpless animal experimentation!

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Shop carefully. Do not buy from companies that test on animals. Read the labels, most of the products that aren't tested on animals will have "this product not tested on animals" written somewhere on the label. If you are unsure if a product is cruelty free or not, research it, PETA has a wonderful list on their website of cruelty free products.

We need to put a stop to all animal abuse.

Don't let my page icon become endangered! Save the rainforest, to be endangered, is one step closer to extinction! - Wildlife Earth.