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Eat your colors! Red foods are rich in resveratrol, capsaicin, & lycopene,

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The Greens - The Greens Chlorophyll: Good Sources: watercress, leeks, arugula, parsley Benefits: Present in virtually every green plant food (even pistachios!), this may decrease the risk of liver cancer. Cooking Tip: Leeks are milder than onions; thinly sliced, they make a delicious addition to salads. Apigenin and Luteolin: Good Sources: celery, parsley Benefits: This pair's neuroprotective properties may fight diseases like Alzheimer's. Cooking Tip: Add parsley to salads. Sliced celery,

The Oranges - Good Source: turmeric Benefits: An added perk to take-out curry: The antioxidant properties of curcumin may help counter the body’s negative responses to high-fat foods. Cooking Tip: Mix the spice into salad dressings or sprinkle it on cooked vegetables such as kale and cauliflower.

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It takes your body more energy to burn off these foods than the calories they bring into your body = weight loss!