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~The Wisdom of Sifu Moy Yat~

~Sifu Moy Yat~

~Sifu Moy Yat~

A picture of Moy Yat in front of his school sign circa 1989

Grand Master Moy Yat One of Yip Mans closest disciples was GrandMaster Moy Yat, whom he was first introduced to in 1957. For 15 years, Moy Yat kept a close relationship with Yip Man, living the Kung Fu Life. It was at this time that he learned from Yip Man the principles and deeper aspects of Ving Tsun. Never far from Yip Mans side, Grand Master Moy Yat eventually developed into one of his top disciples

Moy Yat Kung Fu Richmond

Grand Master Moy Yat Talking about center Line

Hong Kong: 'Tai chi will appeal to spiritual types as it’s considered much more than physical exercise. It’s a mental and physical healing mechanism, a type of meditation and a soft form of martial arts. It’s also a philosophy...' www.lonelyplanet....

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