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  • Robin

    Let me explain. Much of American society is now more secular and humanistic, no longer Christian. So the government run school systems, colleges and universities to a large degree teach these humanistic philosophies. If the world was mere naturalistic and God doesn't exist, then nobody can account for something that transcends this natural world, such as logic.

  • Robin

    All human reasoning employs logic, and science stands on the foundation of reason. Therefore, if this world is purely naturalist and there was no God, you cannot do science for science is done through the use of reason and reason employs logic, which a mere naturalistic world cannot account for logic since it transcends our natural world.

  • Robin

    Logic comes from God.

  • Robin

    It's only the Christian worldview that can make sense of science or logic and the world.

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Yes, I would like to science, please.

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